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Clinical software available to all.

Globule is a Clinical Web application available on the internet and sold on a subscription basis. A brand new approach, much simpler. Designed for health structures of any size.

icon Patient record + care process.
The mainstream functions, through screens useable out of the box with no formal training: medical records, nursing records, e-prescribing (and drug administration), statistics.

icon By subscription.
Use right away, in your favorite web browser. No complicated installation. Zero investment. No server(s) to buy and maintain, nor expensive license fee. And you can stop when you want.

icon Multi-structures and communities.
Designed for sharing among institutions. In the context of a common group or network, share settings, records and communicate with patients' family physicians.

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Medical record, nursing record.

The traditional functions as simple as possible: clinical findings, history and risk factors, diagnosis (ICD-10), nursing activity, care plan, physiological parameters. Integrated Document Management (EDM): Attach any document to the patient records like letters, scans, images. Google-like searches (full text). Tools for designing your own extensions such as questionnaires, specialty files and assessments, surveys.


Turnkey e-prescribing platform.

Fast and assisted prescription writing. Scientific drug database with controls including interactions, contra-indications, dosage. Calculation of costs and identification of expensive medicines. Monitoring of repeat treatments. Pharmacist's view: assisted prescription checking, access to patient records, orders proposals. Traceability of drugs delivery and administration to the patient.


Decision support.

Builtin statistics. Export of raw data (for spreadsheets analysis for instance).

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100% Web, subscription-based.

Globule is more than a software, it's an online service.

icon7 Activated in a few clicks.
Create your own free Globule account to try it for real. Without obligation.

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icon8 In your internet browser.
No servers or software to install on your premises. Nothing to configure, administer, maintain or repair. We take care of backups, updates, maintenance, and so on.

icon3 No investment.
No purchase of computer servers, licenses, installation services, required training (hands-on training videos are online!).

icon6 Simple subscription, easily cancellable.
You can export your data at any time and stop your subscription when you want. No more captive customers. For us, it's one more incentive to keep you satisfied.

Multi-structures and communities.

A Web application is ideal for sharing and collaborating beyond the walls of an institution.

icon Multi-site database.
Facilitates a low cost sharing between institutions within a group or territory. And the consolidation of statistics for the group.

icon Networks.
Share patient records between stakeholders in-site and off-site: patients' family physicians, specialists, and homecare services.

icon Community.
Online user group: discussion forums, marketplace for sharing your settings, custom questionnaires, nomenclatures, and much more.

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On any computer... anywhere.

Ubiquity of the workstation and availability at all times, is also one of the strengths of Globule.


From the desk to the coat pocket.

Runs on any desktop or laptop computer connected to the internet. On any operating system (Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac or Linux). Also runs on netbooks ('cheap' mini-laptops) and pen tablets. The most mobile features can be carried in your pocket on small tactile wifi devices (like the iPod Touch and others).


From anywhere.

Globule can be used in a secure way from outside the hospital on any computer connected to the internet: from the office of an authorized physician, to your smartphone at a patient's home (for homecare services).

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End-to-end security.

Globule secures access to patient records by various proven technologies.


Workstation activation.

The connection may be permitted only for authorized devices and networks: IP ranges, certificates.


Strong Authentication.

Granted professionals are authenticated by their smartcard and password. When the regulatory environment permits, Globule also support personal certificate authentication or/and OTP 'keychain' device (particularly suitable for access from a mobile computer outside the hospital walls).



The database is encrypted, as is the data stream between clients and servers (TLS-SSL https).



Connections to Globule are logged, and major changes to patient records are tracked: username, date/time, IP, etc.

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